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Join The April 10th Prescott Fitness Boot Camp

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Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program Begins again April 10th 2017.


LIVE STRONG- Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program

prescott boot camp, prescott outdoor fitness program, prescott az fitness programPrescott Outdoor Fitness Program offers Group Fitness and Boot Camp style fitness classes with a twist of cross-fit style type routines. We offer three different programs. These are outdoor fitness classes and we change the place and routines often so you never get bored. We will workout in teams which is fun and challenging. This is not the military, so you won't be yelled at so don't worry. This is fun. The results are amazing. Burn from 400 to 800 calories per training day. It's not uncommon for some to lose up to 12 lbs of fat per boot camp while gaining 5 to 10 pounds of lean muscle. Here in Prescott, we will probably workout indoors most of the time during the colder winter months from December through February. but if the weather is good, you can't beat working out outdoors in the fresh air, and here in the summer months, sunlight permitting, you can expect to hit the trails and workout among the forest and the wildlife. It's so beautiful, peaceful and quiet out on the trails in the morning hours. What a way to start your day.




Build strength while burning fat and losing fat. Build that tones body look. There is still time to get that summer beach body.

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Build endurance and improve cardiovascular. Increase energy, Increase metabolism. Lower cholesterol, Lower blood pressure, Feel better. Get Fit! Stay Fit! For life!

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Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program is fun. We workout at many places. It's never boring. Every workout is unique. Meet new friends. Have fun.

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Thank you for the help and support during this boot camp. Fun and engaging boot camp. Variety of exercises and locations. Would recommend this to anyone looking to get in shape. 5 stars.

Just checking in. I have been working out every day starting at 5:00 for an hour than coming home to walk the dog for a half hour. I have lost another pound, down 7 lbs now and am down one dress size. I contribute it to the boot camp but also changes in my diet. I have worked harder on my protein. I do very well about eating vegetables being a vegetarian but have really decreased on grains and as always do not drink sugar sweetened beverages. Thanks for all your support and helping me modify the boot camp exercises.

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