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Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program Offers Personal Fitness Training

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Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program Offers Personal Fitness Training For Those Wanting A One-On-One program


Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program

prescott boot camp, prescott outdoor fitness program, prescott az fitness programFor those who want more of a one-on-one session, I offer Personal Fitness Training in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

Your choice of meeting to train is as follows.

  1.  I will come to your home if you desire.
  2. I will meet you at your gym if desired.
  3. We can meet at one of the many parks or trails.

 With Prescott Personal Fitness Training, you get one on one training without distraction from others. I will work with you one on one to get you fit and healthy. I still teach basic fitness nutrition with this personal fitness training package. I still mix up the routines as I do in boot camp. We may work upper body one day, legs another day and abs another day or we may mix it up from time to time. I will work with you at your own pace, but I will still push you to your full potential because that is how I will get you fit and healthy.

Join Prescott Personal Fitness Training with me, coach Ed today.

The rates are as follows.
In Prescott: Cost $24.00 per session (6 sessions minimum to sign up)
In Prescott Valley: Cost $29.00 per session. (6 sessions minimum to sign up)

I would not be doing my job as a fitness coach and trainer if I let you slide by so because of this you must commit to at least 6 sessions to reserve your spot.
You may choose your times and if they are available but you must choose the same time each session. There is nothing worse than getting off schedule and we want to stay consistent so I require you attend the same time each session (except for emergencies).

You get full 1 hour sessions.
I do recommend you attend at least 2 times per week. preferably 3 times per week. Staying consistent is key to your fitness goals

Contact me if you have questions about personal fitness training. Coach Ed (928) 351-1341



Build strength while burning fat and losing fat. Build that tones body look. There is still time to get that summer beach body.

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Build endurance and improve cardiovascular. Increase energy, Increase metabolism. Lower cholesterol, Lower blood pressure, Feel better. Get Fit! Stay Fit! For life!

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Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program is fun. We workout at many places. It's never boring. Every workout is unique. Meet new friends. Have fun.

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Thank you for the help and support during this boot camp. Fun and engaging boot camp. Variety of exercises and locations. Would recommend this to anyone looking to get in shape. 5 stars.

Just checking in. I have been working out every day starting at 5:00 for an hour than coming home to walk the dog for a half hour. I have lost another pound, down 7 lbs now and am down one dress size. I contribute it to the boot camp but also changes in my diet. I have worked harder on my protein. I do very well about eating vegetables being a vegetarian but have really decreased on grains and as always do not drink sugar sweetened beverages. Thanks for all your support and helping me modify the boot camp exercises.

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