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Hello, My name is Ed. Welcome to Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program. Prescott’s only co-ed group fitness and boot camp. Serving Prescott and Prescott Valley.

About myself. I am originally from California and am now building my business in the Prescott area. I started Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program here in Prescott in April 2016. I have 8 years experience as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor and am a certified trainer. After participating and coaching boot camp in California this past 5 years, I decided to bring it to my new home town in Prescott, Az. to help people get fit, lose weight and stay fit for life.

Are you looking for a challenging and motivational outdoor workout program? If so, this program is for you! Prescott Fitness Boot Camp will give you results along with the challenge and motivational outdoor experience you need to reach your health and fitness goals. I incorporate many cross-fit style routines in the group fitness and boot camps and the results are spectacular.

Prescott’s Outdoor Fitness Programs Mission: To help you get into great shape, lose weight, tone up, build body core strength, increase metabolism, increase energy, build confidence and meet new boot camp members.

Prescott Outdoor Fitness Program is the most powerful fitness, training, and healthy living boot camp program you will ever experience! Why spend time indoors sweating it out behind walls on that treadmill or stair master while staring at the world from inside a window? Come and join us for a fun and challenging way to get in shape, have fun and meet new friends. Whether you are a beginner, a devoted fitness addict or just tired of the same routine, come and try this total body outdoor workout routine.

I wanted to touch base for a moment on the most popular question I am asked regarding my fitness programs. Many people call me and tell me that they are overweight or have some other physical disability and express their concerns. My response is that our fitness programs are for everyone. Not just the physically fit. I split the group into three different fitness levels. Those more fit will do harder exercises. Those less fit will be doing modifications to exercises to make them easier. I watch everyone closely and will make adjustments if I see some struggling too much to keep up. So the short answer is not to worry. Most people will do just fine in my fitness programs.

Prescott Boot Camp also offers group and personal training. If you are not ready for the intensity of a boot camp, we offer an alternative in specialized one on one and group personal training sessions. Contact us anytime.