Prescott Outdoor Fitness Programs

There are 4 different programs available. The Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp is the primary and most popular program I offer. I also realize there are others groups of people who may benefit from other types of programs. Prescott is a retirement community with many older retirees so I created the Group Fitness Program tailored to them as it's not as intense. I also realize Prescott Valley has a lot of youngsters and some of those youngsters are wanting to gain muscle so I developed the Extreme Boot Camp for men only which is geared to gain muscle and strength. And I offer one on one personal training. Please see below for the program that best fit's your needs. Please keep in mind that the Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp is the one that the majority of people usually want as it is the most effective program for those wanting to get fit, lose weight, and tone up.


(our most popular program)
This is a basic training style boot camp designed to get you fit, toned, strong, build muscle definition and to lose weight. We concentrate on cardio, endurance and strength to get you fit and keep you fit and healthy, build muscle and give you that muscle definition you always wanted. Boot Camp is divided into three fitness levels and excercise modification is adjusted to fit your individual fitness level. This is a 1 hour class, 3 times a week, 13 sessions.


This program is lower intensity than the normal boot camp and is designed for those who are older or who have medical problems or who are severely overweight and cannot do the normal Boot Camp. We welcome retirees to join this program. We use ligher weights, do fewer repetitions and reduce cardio a little bit to build your health and strength at a pace suitable to those with severe health issues. You will workout at your own pace on this program. This is a 45 minute class, 3 times a week, 13 sessions.
(M- W- F : Starts at 5:30pm in Prescott only)


The Extreme Boot Camp for men only is designed to gain strength and muscle. It is a tough 45 minute workout, 3 times a week using weights, sandbags, oly bars and it even involves tire pulls. The Extreme Bootcamp for men only is not to be taken lightly. It is high intensity and only those who are healthy without physical or medical conditions will be accepted into this Extreme Boot Camp. This is a 45 minute class, 3 times a week, 13 sessions. This program will test you and runs April through September only.


I offer one on one personal training for those not interested or not able to attend a boot camp. Sessions start at $40. I can come to your home, or we can meet at a mutually agreed upon location such as a local park. Call me to discuss your situation and we can talk about it. Phone: 928-351-1341

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